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Fix Caller ID Cost & FAQ

"Why is my Caller ID Name (CNAM) wrong?"

When you call people, your caller ID name (CNAM) may come from one of over fifteen “CNAM” databases. These databases don’t always update each other. Some carriers choose not to update their name databases often enough. For more information see Dropping the Calling Name Ball article.

"Why does the Caller ID Name say my state name or is blank?"

The destination carrier does not wish to purchase CNAM information and their own databases have no name record for your calling number. Read the next paragraph

"Why do calls to Verizon not say our name?"

The short answer is Verizon has a policy of not paying for CNAM info.

04/01/2013 04:30 PM email from Verizon
"We recently expanded LNP (local number portability) capabilities. This was done to reduce/eliminate the number of misrouted CNAM queries; however, it also changed the CNAM experience for ported (TN) telephone numbers outside the East region when calls terminate to Verizon East. Prior to the LNP expansion, the state name would/should have displayed. This recent change to expand LNP capabilities (in the calling scenario mentioned) combined with no reciprocal contractual agreements between Verizon East and the originating TNs’ carrier, the CNAM display for the terminating customer will either be no display, Unavailable or Out of Area."

Our position is we will fix CNAM issues for you, our customer, when you call a Verizon telephone number if
a. You have (originate calls with) Verizon OR
b. Your telephone carrier has a reciprocal agreement with Verizon.

Bottom line, ask for a written commitment from us and we will tell you if we can do it.

"How we fix Caller ID?"

"How do I get started fixing my Caller ID?"

"Where do I start?" (Please provide...)

"What does it cost and how do I pay?"

"What am I buying?"

"What will you not do?"

"I am an existing customer, does the name stay fixed?"

"Who is Infotel Systems?"

We are telecom gurus. We are a family owned business since 1988. We are a member of the BBB in good standing.

For a complimentary Caller ID report and for detailed information please contact Infotel Systems Inc

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